PREMADE Collection: Sweater Warmer Dress

Color: Brown-Beige

Extra warm, Fit and flare pixie dress with structured hood and arm warmers with thumbholes made from amazingly soft stretchy sweater fabric. Hood and arm warmers are lined. This is by far our warmest dress, and really keeps you toasty in the cold winter. 

✥ The original dress shown, has the princess seams, and is doubled fabric. We have other more affordable options too. See options in the fabric details tab (the first tab) below ~ it explains the different options. You will se the price change above as you scroll through the different fit options.   

❖ We hand made these with love and they are ready to ship.

• Soft Stretchy 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex 
• All seams serged for durability
• All hems are raw
• Gentle-delicate machine wash
• Extra-low heat machine dry

·*~•✦•••❖ FIT OPTIONS ❖••••✦•~*·

All of the options below, are still the same dress, just with some variations to give you more options when it comes to fit and price. 

• Lined w/ Princess Seams: Doubled soft stretchy brown cotton fabric body, with princess seams and top stitching. This one is incredibly warm, and is the one shown in the photos. This dress will keep you warm even in freezing temperatures. The princess seams take a lot of love and care to make and top stitch, which is the reason this is our priciest version. 

• Single Layer w/ Princess Seams: Same as the one shown, just with a single layer of brown fabric. This one is still warm, but not quite as warm as the. first option that is lined. It still has the princess seams, which add unique details to this piece. 

• Lined w/ Fit and Flare Skirt: This one has the same fit in the waist as our wonderland dresses (solid top with fit and flare skirt) but still has the center point like the one in the photos with the princess seams. This is a great option if you wan to get this dress style, but don't need the princess seams. It is very very warm since it is doubled on the top and arms. The skirt is single layer. 

• Single Layer w/ Fit and Flare Skirt: This is our most affordable option. They style is still the same as the one shown, we've just added a fit and flare version of the skirt rather than the princess seams, to try and get this price down for you all who want this dress and don't need those extra seams. 

If you have any questions about any of these options, please let us know! 

Personalization Details: 

• If you'd like us to customize the length, please let us know your height
Also if you have broad or narrow shoulders for your size let us know that too
Also, if you need a customized fit, leave us your measurements here <3

 How to Get the Best Fit: 

• There are two ways to order. If you have a measuring tape, follow the fit guide below to get a perfect fit. If you don't have a tape measure, and want to go by your normal sizing, just know that our sizing for this dress runs a touch small compared to other brands. 

• If your bust and waist measurements span two different size categories, just choose the custom size button that most suits you and let us know your exact measurements in the personalization box and we will customize the fit.

• The length of your dress will be customized based on your height, so please give us that detail in the personalization box.

 How To Measure:

Make sure to stand up straight, and get a measurement while you're at rest, not breathing in or out, but just somewhere comfortably in the middle. 

Bust: around your chest at the widest point

Waist: around your waist at the smallest point

Hips: are any measurement for this dress

Personalization: Height: We make these to length for your body. Give us your height in the personalization box and we will estimate the length for you.  

 Fit Guide:

Size XS fits:
bust: 31-32"
waist 25-26"
hip: free

Size small fits:
bust: 33-34"
waist: 27-28"
hip: free

Size Medium fits:
bust: 35-37"
waist: 29-30"
hip: free

Size Large fits:
bust: 38-39"
waist: 31-32"
hip: free

Size XL fits:
bust: 40-41"
waist: 33-35"
hip: free

Plus sizes are made only by measurement. Please choose the Plus Size Custom Fit size and provide both your upper and lower hip measurements and also your height in the personalization box.  

*You can also write us before buying for help determining your size :)