Alinalume Lights up Denver Rooftops in her Stained Glass Pants


Light as a feather, levitation wands move effortlessly through the air. We got so excited to see her rooftop video with her new Levi Wand, it takes major skill and practice to be able to so what she does and be so graceful.

Sarah Cowden started making awesome flow arts videos in our threads and tagging us in them on instrgram. We loved them so much that we asked her to come out and do a shoot with us. Not only did she bring several of her own Elven Forest pieces, we ended up getting one of the most epic photos while we were out shooting:


We love this sweet woman. And so we wanted to give you all some insight into who she is and what she does. Here is our interview with her - it is about her inspiration and her goals. 


Why do you choose Elven forest for clothes to do flow arts in?

I used to be a gymnast and dancer, and all I remembered was how uncomfortable the outfits were! When I began flowing I knew I needed something comfortable and simple. Elven Forest offers beautiful styles that are made to complement your body! The fabrics and quality of the clothes guarantees they will last. Since purchasing my first item I haven’t looked anywhere else!

How did you find Elven Forest and how long have you known about us?

I found Elven Forest through other flow artists and creators on Instagram. I fell in love with a pair of pants I saw in a hoop video and had to get some! It has been about a year and a half since I discovered Elven Forest!


How did you get started learning the leviwand and how long have you been playing with it?

My first flow prop was a hoop, then a few months in I decided to get a leviwand after watching a YouTuber do magic with a long string leviwand. I was mesmerized by the unique movements and style, for the past year I have been growing with my ‘pet stick’. 

What is the biggest tip you have for someone who wants to learn?

The best thing to do when learning any flow prop is to play! Have fun trying something new, make whatever pathways you want to make. Every new flow prop can teach you more about yourself and your body, if you let go and let it!


What is your biggest passion in life?

I have three big passions in my life right now! I am currently pursuing a degree in Psychology at the University of Denver. I also work with horses and spend a lot of time training! And of course my third passion is flow arts! 

What is your favorite expression outlet?

My favorite expression outlet is dancing with my leviwand, I love the way I connect to myself through the flow. Leviwanding allows me to use my whole body and the wand as one, opening all new pathways of expression.


What are your next flow arts goals?

My next big goal in my flow is to master the contact staff! 



Here's a link to the stained glass pants she's wearing in the video and photos and the wrap and tie crop top in the photos. And this is her insta if you want to check out her flow art. The necklaces she is wearing in the photos are handmade by @stone_heron and @shopexaltation 


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