We are revolutionizing mens sizing here so please make sure to follow the instructions when choosing your size. First, the size itself reflects your width (chest and waist), second, the short/regular/tall option reflects your height and the length of the top. 

This way, you can get a customized fit even if you don't fit into standard sizing. 

WIDTH SIZE: Choose your basic size based on your width 

Size lean (small) fits:
bust: 35 - 37 (measured around chest at the widest point)
waist: 28-32 (measured around the waist at the navel)
Size lean is smaller than medium width wise. It is close to a small. Then choose your height. 

Size Medium fits:
bust: 38-40
waist: 31-34
Many men will order a size up because they need the height of the medium. Please disregard any past purchases and go by your measurements instead. The size here reflects only your width. If you are tall, choose the tall option next to your size, and you will be all good. No need to order a size up. 

Size Large fits:
bust: 41-43
waist: 33-36

Size XL fits:
bust: 44-46
waist: 36-40

HEIGHT SIZE: Choose your size based on your height

Short: Your height is between: 5'4" - 5'7"
Regular: Your height is between: 5'8 - 5'11"
Tall: Your height is between: 6'0" +

For reference, the Model in the photos is a size "Lean - Tall." He normally has bought mediums from other brands because he needed to for his height, to make sure the shirt was long enough, but then the shirt would be too wide. This is because his true size is smaller than a medium, what we call "lean" and then his height is 6'3'' so combining those sizes means he is a "Lean - Tall" in our sizing.

This shirt fits true to size, though if you are a between sizes, let us know your measurements and height, and we will make it for you custom. If your chest fits into one size but your waist fits into a different size, just let us know, we will customize everything. 


*Unique Size: If some of your measurements span two different sizes, let us know in the message box so that we can customize the fit for you. Also feel free to let us know the kind of fit you would like it to have, fitted or loose

*Plus Size: please convo us before buying so we can make you a custom listing with extra fabric charge. 

*All pieces are made custom for you by us Elven Forest ladies in Colorado after you order, so please make sure to measure yourself to get an accurate size and let us know if you have any special fit requests.

*You can also write us before buying for help determining your size :)