PREMADE Collection: High Rise 4 Pocket Bells


High waisted Bellbottoms with 4 pockets ~ all pockets are big and functional and super cozy. Accent color is on all 4 pocket cuffs, as well as the side flare. We are not able to make these low rise. If you don't see your preferred colors in the color choices, send us a message and see what we can do. :)

*Click here to see a video of thee pants in action.

✥ We customize our pants to your height ~ so make sure to leave us your height and your shoe height in the personalization box <3

❖ We hand make these with love, to your color and size, and height. Please see tabs below for size guide to get the best fit, directions on customizing fit, for height and inseam instructions, and to see our most current turn around time.

• Soft Stretchy 96% Cotton, 4% Spandex 
• All seams serged for durability
• All hems are raw
• Gentle-delicate machine wash
• Extra-low heat machine dry

Personalization Details: 

*Let us know your height, and the height of the shoes you plan to wear with these. Or if you have your exact inseam with shoes, you can tell us that instead <3

❖How to Get the Best Fit: 

*There are two ways to find your size. If you have a measuring tape, follow the fit guide below to get a perfect fit. If you don't have a tape measure, and want to go by your normal sizing, these pants are fairly true to size, and if anything, run a touch large compared to other brands. 

*If your waist and hip measurements span two different size categories, just choose the custom size that most suits you and let us know your exact measurements in the personalization box and we can make the hips of the pants in one size and the waistband in the other for a custom fit.

*The length of your pants will be customized for your body, so please make sure to give us one of these in the personalization box when you order. You can either give us your exact inseam (measured crotch to floor) and also your shoe height seprately, OR you can give us your height and shoe height and we will estimate the length for you. 


❖ How To Measure:

Make sure to stand up straight, and get a measurement while you're at rest, not breathing in or out, but just somewhere comfortably in the middle. 

waist: Around the waist at the smallest point, usually about an inch above the navel

Upper Hip: Around the low waist, at the top of the hip bone, this is where the waistband will sit

Lower Hip: Around the widest part of the hip and bottom

Inseam: Measured from crotch to floor while barefoot. Please let us know your inseam and also your shoe height in the personalization box. If you don't have a measuring tape, you can leave us your height and your shoe height instead and we will estimate the length for you. 


❖ Fit Guide:

The extra small fits   waist: 23-24 inches upper hip: 28-30 inches   bottom hip: 33-34 inches

The small fits   waist: 25-26 inches upper hip: 31-33 inches   bottom hip: 35-36 inches

The medium fits   waist: 27-28 inches upper hip: 33-34 inches   bottom hip: 37-38 inches

The large fits   waist: 29-30 inches upper hip: 35-36 inches   bottom hip: 39-40 inches

The extra large fits   waist: 31-32 inches upper hip: 37-39 inches   lower hip: 41-43 inches

Plus sizes are made only by measurement. Please choose the Plus Size Custom Fit size and provide both your upper and lower hip measurements and also your height in the personalization box. 

❖ You can also write us before buying for help determining your size <3